Baker's World of Greyhawk

Sept 1 Session - Cancellation

OK, I know you guys will get sick of this but I need to cancel this weeks attempted play date. I’m working through a tough time in the family as my Mom has been diagnosed with a nasty, quick acting, and very terminal cancer. For the most part, I’m finding it hard at the moment to concentrate on making this experience a good one for you guys and just need maybe another week or two to get my shit together.

I know it sucks, but honestly, I just need some time to come to grips with this and arrange some things family-wise. I’ll be in touch and don’t expect this hiatus to last long (another week? Tops?)

In advance, thanks for understanding and I really do want to make this work – the timing is just really bad. :(

Any questions, please let me know.

Updates For Tuesday, July 28
Get yer goods before the getting gets good.

Remember to add your EXP for last week and do any leveling up before we start this week.

On the Eve of Adventure
A Gathering of Motley Fooles - or Something

Still looking around at this Obsidian Portal thing, trying to get to know everything so I can use it for everyone’s benefit. I’m still trying to figure out if Player Characters can create their own profiles or if I have to enter them.

Would be nice to let players add/edit their own. Would be nice to have an individual “Players Notes” type page that they could either share with everyone or mark certain things private so they can always access notes online as well.

You may see a number of different players/characters show up in the listing for this campaign as I need to create fake ones so I can see what it looks like from the PC/nonDM point of view since I see everything while logged in as the administrator.

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